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Welcome to the Golden World!

The Golden Retriever is a kind, companion, faithful and very intelligent breed, but what stands out most in the breed is  is for sure  The  will to  please the owners, able to enchant even the most distant owners  . It is a beautiful dog at all stages of its life, as a puppy, with fluffy features and woolly fur, like a teddy bear, to the exuberance of an adult specimen, with its rich golden coat, in its various shades, always shining. .

Whoever has a golden retriever defines him as a rare gem, as precious as gold!

Responsible Veterinary Doctor and Creator: Isabella Calli CRMV-SP

Our puppies are delivered from 60 days of age, ALKC pedigree, control of coxofemoral dysplasia and parental elbows, microchipped, with 3 doses of imported vaccine, puppy kit and purchase and sale contract.

quality is  on here!.

Imported Dogs from Europe

Louis - Lady Sue Smoke on the Water

Louis came from Europe, a magnificent dog with cream color, came to enhance our pantel. It has excellent health checks.

See more information and photos of him by clicking here!

Mody - Lady Sue Lounge Act 

Mody came from Europe together with Louis, it's  a large, well-balanced female with a pedigree of champions  world and multi European champions. It has excellent health checks.

See more information and photos of her by clicking here!

IMG_2154 m.jpg

Romeo - Angelonato Casanova

Romeo veio da Bielorússia, fruto de um acasalamento muito esperado por nós, possui um pedigree repleto de cães importantes e um caráter maravilhoso!

Read the testimonials and see who has already  bought and approved the golden Calli!


Don't forget to visit our photo page and see where our puppies are!

"I've always loved dogs, but it's funny how living with a golden exceeds our expectations, it's all very good!!!"


Flavia Rossi

"To be honest, I don't even know where to start, because I don't have words to describe the happiness and satisfaction I feel for having found the Calli family"


Patricia Valente

"And after the long wait, my angel Alvin arrived. Beautiful, healthy, lovely, tailor-made for me"



Roberta Zulato

Our dog is small and familiar, however, whenever possible, we participate in beauty exhibitions to prove the quality of our squad!  

See photos of our champions by clicking on the title above.

Video of our client and friend Fenanda Zompeiro's wedding, where Buzz the golden joined the family, learn more on our blog.

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Golden Calli

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