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In this part of the site, many expect to find pictures of spacious, individual stalls, clean dogs, individual climate-controlled maternity ward, transport box room, rapids for exercise and  everything else... but in our kennel you will not find that, we are against the commercial vision of the big kennels, with more than 100 animals, living far from the breeder, in the care of an employee or manager,  our dogs live together as members of our family, our maternity hospital is monitored and I sleep next to them at the beginning, to accompany  any baby cry. We have a room and bath, but the pool and hose baths are free for any dog that wants to lol  individual, small, closed bays  do not exist because  our dogs all live together, because for us that is being happy!

We are located in a farm in Peruibe with 4500m2, on a flat land, where our dogs do  exercises, we have a 1000m2 football field surrounded  where the dogs are playing and we have accommodation and not stalls, they are accommodation  masonry with capacity for 4/5 dogs  where dogs come in to shelter from the rain and come out whenever they want, we have drinking fountains  automatic  inside each house, guaranteeing always fresh water straight from the well.

The pregnant mothers stay inside our house and are free to socialize with the family full time, we also have two more pens for puppies of approximately 6x6. walk all over the space, always taking turns, so that ALL our dogs, without exception, can be socialized and receive lots of love, affection and a real family!

Those who follow our facebook and instagram will not be surprised to see photos of dogs in bed, in the living room, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, because raising dogs for me is having a huge and furry family, who get dirty, play, get ready, get scolded, but that we love above all and it is impossible to live without. So read our article on nextel breeder, going to the kennel where the owner doesn't live, only goes on weekends and lives in luxury apartments in the city can't be can't be fair...if you're looking for a member of the family, demand that this puppy's parents be part of someone's family and not mere dogs locked up in individual, climate-controlled pens.

  Breeder, Veterinary Doctor and mother of the Goldens ...Dra Isabella Calli

Golden Calli

Specializing in Golden Retrievers

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