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In Memoriam

On this page we want to pay tribute to our golden ones who are no longer with us. Furry children you touched my heart and changed my life, I wanted to be very close to you, but I know you are in heaven, and you look after me from there. Love you!


Logan is a real big boy, always very playful, but extremely affectionate. He is very intelligent, practices agility, and also loves to swim. Logan loves to be around people, loves to be combed, and loves to brush his teeth, he is a very obedient golden. He  He is the son of the best breeder of all time here in Brazil, a dog named Nautilus Fox Mulder, owned by GoldenTrip, and he inherited many of his characteristics, such as an excellent head and expression, in addition to a thick and abundant coat.

Unfortunately our little boy, our first golden is gone :( on July 22nd 2013 we lost the battle against
cancer ...  It's  inexplicable, it will be hard to live without you! We will love you forever! I can't write anymore, you  It's  the owner of my heart, always was and knew it!


Ninoca is a beautiful female, who came with  partnership  with a great friend Mariana Corsi from the Magu's Golden Kennel. Ninoca arrived at our kennel at the age of 4, and enchanted everyone with her beauty and charisma. She participated in Brazilian exhibitions, winning the title of young Brazilian champion. She is already the mother of countless champion children exported to Argentina and Peru. It was an honor to have Diogo's daughter here with us, NIninha stayed with me for only 5 months, but it was enough to win my heart, she was always very docile, the companion of a  character  incomparable... her loss is irreparable, it's impossible not to remember how we used to play in the afternoon and how she made my arms red from playing so much bite, it's impossible to forget when it rained I put her to sleep next to my bed and how she she was quiet all night, you can't forget how her expression of happiness was when she just lay down next to her and moved her tummy, counting the dots of the cesarean she had done years ago... or our daily walks,, Where  we were going  playing tug of war with the leash until we got to the ground where she could run free, and when you were the only one who  greeted  before gaining your little bone....losing you NIninha was too much for me....I cry every day..and I will never recover from what were an angel that God allowed to be by my side so that I could learn more and more to value every moment....Your departure was a milestone in our breeding method, it was thanks to you that no dog of mine will ever leave my house for nothing, that everyone will sleep together inside the house and that they will be my furry children more and more .. Nininha I hope that from heaven of dogs you will know that I loved you  unconditionally  and that I would give my life for you my little one..that my heart will always be your home!
Nina I love you forever!


Sky was always the sweetest dog in the kennel, with her innocent and cheerful air, she loved to sit at our feet  and loved receiving affection. She was a simply amazing dog, for the short time she spent with us, just a year, she lived fully, running free in the grass, and always playful and loving with humans. Unfortunately an accident with a snake took us to the little one, I'm sure she is in a better place, close to God. Sky we love you so much!!!  You  changed our lives!

IMG_2507 m.jpg
Mody - 12 anos
Nina - 8 anos
Zoey - 8 anos
Bear - 8 anos
Sol - 11 anos
Martha - 8 anos
Tróia - 6 anos
Dudu - 8 anos
April - 10 anos
James - 14 anos
Apple - 10 anos

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