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Who we are


My name is Isabella Calli, I'm a veterinary doctor, and I've always been passionate about dogs. Since I was little, many dogs, cats and other pets were part of my life. My parents always liked and approved of living with animals, which certainly helped to make me the person I am today. My first pet was a mixed breed dog named Domenica, which my parents gave me as a gift when I was 4 years old, contrary to all the doctors who forbade me to have contact with furry animals, since I was diagnosed at 3 months old. with allergic bronchitis, health crises and hospitalizations  they were constant, which made my parents want to please me and allow a puppy to be present. Domenica was adopted at 20 days old by my mother, she was found with her siblings on a plot of land in front of our house. Domenica is the reference I have to this day of what a pet dog can become, and it was her loss, at 18 years old, that led me to look for a breed compatible with her temperament, it was when in the second year of college, after his death I decided to have my first purebred dog, a golden retriever.

After a lot of research, but without much specific knowledge about what a breed dog is, I found a reliable kennel with beautiful dogs for the acquisition of my first golden, a male, named Logan, son of a well-known breeder, affectionately nicknamed Mulder. The conversations and advice with the breeder led me to acquire at the same time a female, already 10 months old, my mimosa Nina. And that's how the passion for the breed and the love for these two specimens led me to deepen my knowledge about dogs.

My fiancé, environmental and safety engineer, Tiago Fernandes, shares the same love as me for the breed, and was responsible for the acquisition of my two golden companions, very important for this achievement, and has been helping me in the breeding ever since.

During my beginning, many breeder friends of the breed helped, guided and encouraged me to do a small but clean job, with honesty and seriousness. To dear friends, they know who they are, this is my first step.


Golden Calli

Specializing in Golden Retrievers

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