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The Golden Retriever

Robust, with a golden coat and a sweet expression, the Golden Retriever conquered crowds with its qualities.  It has become one of the most bred family dogs in several countries, where its large size is appreciated to keep company not only indoors, but also on walks, and for providing greater resistance to children's not always delicate games, requiring, in On the other hand, an exceptional docility.  Its popularity gives it no less than first place in most registered puppies in Argentina, second place in Japan and third in England. In the USA, the country where the largest number of dogs of this breed resides, it ranked third in 2006, in Brazil it is among the 3 breeds with the highest number of registrations in 2008 and 2009. 

It stands out as one of the most obedient races and willing to serve man. It is not by chance that the book "The Intelligence of Dogs", by Stanley Coren, cites it as the fourth most trainable breed for obedience, among the 133 analyzed. 

Very observant, he associates cause and consequences and is easy to understand what we want from him. Meek and good-natured, he makes friends with everyone, being affectionate with strangers, other dogs and even cats. Quiet, it only barks occasionally to raise the alarm if it hears any strange noises. 

The Golden adapts to the owner's lifestyle with great ease, even in small places, such as apartments. In large urban centers such as Buenos Aires, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro appears living in apartments with great frequency with great adaptation. At home, he seeks the proximity of family members, but without asking for attention all the time. We consider that the owner's contact, affection and attention, along with daily walks, are critical factors for the success of the golden's adaptation to apartment life in cities. He lies down in a corner and intersperses the attentive observation of the movement around him with brief naps. It merges this peaceful side with another, full of life, and thus follows the rhythm of the moment. Ready for activity and with a physical resistance to make athletes jealous, he loves to accompany him on long walks. You cannot see a lake, sea or swimming pool without going inside, being an expert swimmer. 

Extremely patient with children, he is a perfect "uncle". He can handle the most clumsy jokes without losing his good mood. 

Another proof of the exceptional qualities of the Golden is being part of the select group of canine breeds indicated for the complex tasks of guiding the blind, assisting in the therapy of the physically and mentally ill, rescuing the missing, among others. 

Watch the videos below and learn more about this wonderful breed, which wants to please its owner!!!

Golden Calli

Specializing in Golden Retrievers

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