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Why buy a golden in our kennel?

1 - We are a family, my dogs live with me at home, they are part of my daily life, they are dogs with a proven temperament to live in the house, and I know every detail of each one! We are definitely not pet traders!

2- I am a Veterinary Doctor, so my dogs have 24-hour veterinary monitoring, I am responsible for their health, hygiene and all treatment with them and the puppies! I am the one who performs the births, who feeds them, who cleans the dirt, who bathes them and who takes them for walks.  There is no outsourcing of services!

3- My dogs, in addition to being my companions, are descendants of the best Golden Retriever strains in Brazil today, they are healthy and are in the breed standard,  all are tested for the main ailments of the breed, such as hip dysplasia and elbows, with all exams carried out in specialized and internationally recognized veterinarians! AND  our  females do not cross in all heats, there is a maximum litter limit!.  Health here comes first!

4- When choosing our kennel, you receive a puppy with ALKC pedigree, with 3 doses of the imported ethical vaccine, dewormed, microchipped, with all the health reports of the parents, with a sample of the feed used in the kennel (SUPER PREMIUM FOOD), you receive a purchase and sale agreement, receive a free veterinary evaluation as soon as the puppy leaves home, and have permanent guidance on the breed!

5- I usually become friends with the new owners of my "grandchildren". People come here to buy a friend and they know more than a suitable space, they know my family, my house, our home! I currently have few companions, so I can give them the best quality of life and attention they need. I study constantly to improve my knowledge about the breed and about cinophilia in general! Come visit us, meet our gilts, compare, you'll see that the family makes a difference!

Golden Calli

Specializing in Golden Retrievers

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