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The difference between a R$500 puppy and a R$1500 puppy

R$ 1,500.00 - The ancestors and genetic reserve of this puppy are of high quality, they came from superior blood lines (Top), from a breeding developed with seriousness and commitment to the preservation of the breed's characteristics, as well as its health . They meet the requirements of the CBKC and FCI System, according to the breed standard, both for conformation and temperament. It has a genealogy that has been extremely studied and researched, these puppies were selected to contribute to the excellence of the breed.     

R$ 500.00 - This puppy is probably bought at Fairs, Pet-shops, it is of Pet quality... it is certain that it has been bred for 100% commercial purposes, by dog traders who usually breed 10 or 20 breeds. It will probably be sick most of the time until the age of 1 year, since it has different intestinal parasites and is often the result of malnourished bitches, that is, with low immunity. The ancestors must have structural problems, be larger or smaller than the breed standard requires, live in a precarious way and were possibly bought by a newspaper advertisement. Most of the time the owner has never heard of CBKC or FCI, or even that there is a breed standard, the female is nervous and suspicious.... the owners crossed her hoping that she "improves".

R$ 1,500.00 - Before this breeding, the breeder provided X-rays of the male and female, making sure that both are suitable for breeding, probably tested the eyes of both or one of them and the heart as well, to determine that there was no problem. physical be inherited by the offspring,
  The breeder is very aware of the genetic problems to which the breed is predisposed and does not use any animal in the  creation unless they are certified fit for reproduction and free of problems, you always have a qualified veterinarian at your disposal who guides you, the health of the puppies is always in the FIRST PLAN.

R$ 500.00 - The breeder is totally unaware of the genetic problems within the breed. Vet visits, with the exception of dire emergencies, are considered very expensive. The breeders hope is to make money from selling the puppies. He controls expenses by hoping that at the end of the sale she can buy that new sofa he wants, the puppies are sold and delivered as quickly as possible (less expenses), and they are usually sold without a contract, and without any warranty.


  R$ 1,500.00 - The breeder is a professional and he has a reputation to preserve. His goal is to produce beautiful, healthy animals that anyone would be proud to own. If you measure Profit, this will be reverted to benefits for your breeder, such as importing new dogs, paying for a handler, important veterinary exams and an excellent environment for the dogs you own. Always aims at the betterment of the race. Their  Dogs are fed the highest quality food. Many trips to the vet assure that that mother and her  puppies are thriving under the best care. Puppies are placed inside their home where they are socialized, cared for and exposed to different types of incentives. They are touched and the creators talk to them, singing, hugging. They are never delivered before 7 to 8 weeks of age.  Every buyer is interviewed, and guided on the acquisition of a living being that will live with luck more than 10 years, the purpose is to put this puppy in a good home, where they will receive the best  treatment. The breeder spends a lot of time with each new owner, explaining and clearing up their doubts, and always politely answers their questions, always making himself available to the new owner to help and teach him in any way possible. Subsequent contacts are made to make sure the puppy is adjusting well. Each new owner receives a contract, and a folder containing several instructions, with xerocopied reports from the parents, attesting their health, the vaccination record, and the pedigree.  with at least five generations,  a protocol attesting that the litter is registered with the CBKC. If it is considered that the puppy is not of such quality that it will contribute reproductively to the breed, the new owner is advised to neuter the puppy at the correct age (as soon as possible). New owners are encouraged to continue to relate and keep in touch with  breeder, calling you to ask questions at any time of day or night throughout the puppy's life. 

R$ 500.00 - These puppies were most likely born alone, without any help, usually half of the litter dies, due to the bitch's lack of experience, who often steps on the puppies, and can't keep them warm, stop in the garage or in the service area receiving very little care other than what the mother gives them. Cutting costs is the priority, so they are weaned on cheap food allowing them to feed on the mother who is also precariously fed. The dog's health deteriorates quickly, without taking the necessary postpartum medicine, he is subject to his own luck, they usually acquire serious infections and usually lose even the uterus,
  due to this the health of the poor puppies is deficient, being they weak and with low immunity. They are sold as soon as possible because advertisements, deworming and vaccines are expensive, in other words, the goal is to get rid of the litter as soon as possible. They are sold without a vaccination program having started, usually without having been dewormed, without any stool tests, a vet appointment, guarantees or information of any kind. They are sold to anyone who presents cash. If the new owner is lucky, he may or may not receive the pedigree in a few months or even years, which is often not even from CBKC. Although the puppy is of very poor quality, it is sold with incentive and breeding rights. The new owner usually disappears with the puppy and will never be seen again. If the market is not  well, the breeder takes the puppies to pet-shops for consignment. 
These puppies are on their own, it is certain that more than 50% do not complete one year of life, with complications such as distemper, parvo, hemorrhagic gastroenteritis caused by worms, giardia or isospora that take advantage of the low immunity of the pup, as well ( I estimate more than 30%) will be in CCZ before 1 year because the owner, having to spend small fortunes, gives up on his dream, that is... it's definitely the cheap that comes out expensive!

    The comparison you just read is hypothetical, but it is very common, and this is what we are used to seeing very often. While not every breeder that charges higher prices is reputable and ethical, buyers should be doing their research until they find one that is. When I'm asked why my prices are so much higher than those they sell with newspaper ads, I've been mailing a copy of this article. Buyers who respect quality and excellence are customers who become much more than just buyers, and who invariably become our friends and collaborators.  in this hobby that we love so much. 


Golden Calli

Specializing in Golden Retrievers

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