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How much does a Golden Retriever cost?

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Professional Creation, How much does it cost?

We receive many emails from people wanting kennel referrals to buy a Golden Retriever puppy. They usually ask how much a Golden puppy costs. It is very difficult to determine the value of a puppy. First, because there is no money in the world that can buy the happiness of having a Golden Retriever and measuring the value of a living being is always very complicated. Second, the prices of a puppy vary greatly from one kennel to another. On average, you can expect to pay between R$2,500.00 and R$4,500.00 for a Golden Retriever puppy. Many people who email us find this price expensive. I did calculations to show the cost of having a serious creation. It's actually an approximate cost of a litter. This value can vary up or down, but let's go to the calculations to illustrate in general and put an end to doubts once and for all.

Assuming that I own a wonderful female, with all the characteristics of the breed and a high genetic standard. She will probably be able to reproduce from 2 years of age (third heat) and will be able to reproduce until the
  7 years old on average. A female will have 10 heats in this range. It is not recommended that a bitch have puppies in every heat, resting at least one heat between one pregnancy and another. With that, she will be able to have 5 litters throughout her reproductive life.

If my goal is really to breed, I will take my dog to shows so that expert judges can assess her physical characteristics. By the age of two, she may have closed the puppy, young and adult championship. On second thought, I will have spent R$4,000.00 on registration, handler, travel and physical conditioning. Those who participate in dog shows know that the value can be higher, especially if you want to obtain titles abroad.

Also considering that my dog eats a 15 kg bag of super premium food per month (500g/day) and that she lives up to 12 years of age, I will have spent an average of 144 bags of food throughout her life. Let's round it down, considering she ate less as a puppy and less when she was old, 100 bags of food in her lifetime. The 15 kg super premium feed bag costs an average of R$190.00, but breeders get a discount on the purchase of feed, so we will put the bag at R$150.00. It is therefore R$15,000.00 in food (not including supplements).

Veterinary expenses throughout the life of this matrix are many and impossible to calculate because each dog presents different pathologies and treatments. We know that at least the bitch will have to be vaccinated annually, in addition to being dewormed and that she will have to undergo several tests that prove she is fit for reproduction (such as dysplasia and brucellosis). Assuming an average annual expenditure of R$800.00 with a veterinarian, we have R$9,600.00 over his lifetime. This value can be much higher!

I will also assume that in each litter this female has 8 healthy puppies, which can be sold. So with 5 litters, we will have a total of 40 puppies. The following chart shows how much each puppy “starts” with financial responsibility, if the goal is at least to zero the costs with the matrix.

Let's now go to the specific calculations of a litter of 8 Golden Retriever puppies


So far we have R$965.00 + R$715.00 giving a total of R$1,680.00 per puppy. We must remember that breeders still have very high expenses with water, electricity and employees, who maintain the kennel and take care of the puppies.

Even during childbirth, a cesarean section may be necessary, it is not common in Goldens but it can happen and sometimes other drugs are used to increase maternal dilation, among others. for a dog the size of a golden retriever it is around R$3000.00

Puppies also consume a lot of newspaper (yes, newspaper) and are warmed with special light for the first few days, which further increases the electric bill. A lot of cleaning of the environment is necessary, with specific products, ensuring the hygiene of the puppies, so that they do not develop undesirable diseases (a bottle of herbalvet, a disinfectant based on quarternary ammonia, costs an average of R$30.00) We still don't count the work here choice of ideal mating. If we were to hire a specialist to do so, the consultancy would cost at least R$3,000.00. And nothing pays for the years of dedication and knowledge of a serious and dedicated breeder.

I feel very sad every time I see Golden Retriever puppies or other breeds at R$500.00 or similar prices. The above accounts clearly prove that it is impossible to breed a litter with puppies at this value. The ones that are sold at that price really don't get the care they need and don't have well cared for parents. I ask all visitors to the site to combat this type of unfair trade with puppies, which also causes great inconvenience to us, who acquire them. The responsibility is of each one of us! I hope I have clarified a little the question of the value of a puppy. Remembering that these calculations are done very roughly, so I don't know ALL the costs involved. I just know that they can overcome, and a lot, the simple calculations made above.

Publication Date: 01/04/2010
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Adapted by Isabella Calli - 2015

Golden Calli

Specializing in Golden Retrievers

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