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first days at home

Try to pick a quiet time out of your routine to bring your puppy home, such as during your vacation, a long holiday, or a weekend. If that's not possible, make sure you have someone available to care for the puppy for a good part of the first few days. He will need a lot of attention to adapt to this change. 

It is very important that you prepare your home for the arrival of the puppy. Keep objects that are dangerous, sharp, or small enough to be swallowed out of his reach. Protect furniture and objects that can be dangerous such as outlets, wires, electrical appliances, swimming pools, wells, electric fences, etc.

It is also interesting to provide all the material that the puppy will need. Some items in this material include:

 bed

 Collar and lead

 Food bowl (prefer the stainless steel ones)

 Bowl for water (stainless steel preferred)

 Feed or the food that will be offered to him

 Toys

Buy everything in advance. Taking the puppy to the pet store to shop may seem like a very fun program, but in reality it is very dangerous. your puppy

You haven't had all the vaccines yet and you can get seriously contaminated by visiting a place frequented by many other dogs like a pet shop.

Young puppies sleep a lot, but they also have a lot of energy to play. Be aware of what kind of play the puppy will be most interested in and don't allow him to do anything he doesn't like. At this age it is normal for the puppy to play biting our hands, try to dig holes, chew inappropriate objects, etc., but these actions should not be encouraged. Whenever the puppy does something wrong, say "no" and offer him a toy to distract him.

Keep fresh water available for the puppy at all times. And remember to change the water and wash the bowl daily.


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