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Responsible Possession

Important Factors Before Purchasing a Pet


Many people end up buying a  little animal on impulse, without taking into account  consideration some factors extremely  important to make this decision.  Before opting for the company of a dog or  cat or any other domestic animal, it is necessary  pay attention to the following information:
Characteristics of the animal, such as:
size when
  adult (in case you buy a  puppy) to adapt the physical space;
Behavioral traits: active, calm, needy,
  pranksters. This type of information becomes important to adapt the behavior of the  animal to the owner's daily routine;
Vaccination costs and health treatments in cases of illness.
  animals can  be victims of easily treatable mild illnesses to complex illnesses, which can have a  high treatment cost and longer recovery time for the animal, requiring a lot of  availability, patience and affection on the part of the caregiver.
Monthly cost of good quality food, baths, hygiene products, medicines
(in cases of continued medication administration);
Time available to interact with the animal and give it attention;
Acceptance of all family members when an animal comes home.
  between family members can cause a very stressful situation for both humans and  for the animals. And animals are the most harmed;
Animal lifespan:
  dogs and cats can live more than 15 years, therefore, it must be taken into account  mind that he will need all the attention, affection and care for many years to come.

responsible possession


From the moment the  decision to introduce another member to the family, some  important rules of responsible ownership should  be observed:

Basic hygiene and food care:
Inquire with the responsible veterinarian
  what is the best food to feed your animal. At  commercial rations already provide all the nutrients,  vitamins and minerals he needs.  Keep the food bowl in a dry place and  protected from the sun.  Always leave a bowl with enough water at the disposal of the animal, in a clean place,  airy and shady. Change the water daily and keep water and food bowls  always clean, washing them with soap and water.
Give your dog regular baths. check with the
  responsible veterinarian what is the necessary interval between  baths so that he is always clean. the brushings  are also necessary, especially in fur animals.  long, so they don't form knot buns, which can cause  discomfort and even skin diseases.

  always keep the animal in a place protected from the sun, cold, rain and currents  of wind. It must also be far from the place where he does his business.  physiological. Place a rug, cloth or blanket so he can  warm up, especially at night and on colder days. If you choose
a house, check the proper size so that he
  can settle down comfortably. If possible, choose a  place of accommodation that is closest to the family.

Physical health:
  take your pet to the vet regularly  for annual vaccinations, control of worms and other parasites  such as fleas and ticks and for a health check of your new pet.

Never medicate your pet on your own!


This type of behavior can cause serious health problems in your animal, and can even  take him to death. In case of any change in behavior, take him to the veterinarian of your  trust.
Did you know that your animal can also benefit from the use of therapies
  alternatives? Today there are numerous veterinarians who work with homeopathy, acupuncture and  flowers, obtaining excellent results in the treatment of diseases and  behavioral!

  never leave cleaning products, toxic materials, medicines and other  dangerous products within reach of your pet. Dogs and cats are explorers and,  especially the puppies, “experience” new objects as a way of recognition. THE
Ingesting toxic substances can cost you your life.

  Dogs love to go for a walk, but they should always be brought on a leash and  guided by a responsible person. Never go outside with your dog without a leash. take a bag  so you can pick up the waste, keeping your city clean. if you live in  apartment, schedule your daily routine so that he can go out for a few minutes at  least three times a day. Talk to the whole family and share this task so that everyone  participate.
Identification: keep your pet on a leash with a
  identification with your phone. If he accidentally gets lost, there are bigger
chances of you finding it again.

Psychological/emotional health:
  Do not keep your pet tied to chains or contained in spaces  small. Animals love freedom just like we do, so when  imprisoned, may have behavioral deviations becoming aggressive,  depressed and extremely unhappy.  Keep your pet indoors or in the yard. No  let him go out for a "walk" alone.  Many owners allow their pets outside.  alone to walk around the neighborhood and that's why  that many get lost, not knowing the way back  home or end up having serious accidents, being  run over and even killed.

Is very
  important  that the animal has contact with the humans of the house. They love  receive affection, attention and participate in the family routine.
Educate your animal for a peaceful coexistence with everyone. Problems
  Behaviors can be resolved with proper training. Don't educate him by fear,  but by authority. Show him who's boss, but never let go of affection and  understanding. Understand that you communicate differently and it takes time to  Let him understand what you're talking about. With patience and dedication, little by little, he will begin to  understand your language. If you are not available to train him, ask for the help of a  specialized and reliable professional.

Important Considerations!


Animals are not toys and children should not treat them as such.  children end up hurting their dog or cat unintentionally, because of games. Should be  taught to offer him affection and respect. Children can and should experience a  harmonious and healthy coexistence with animals!
Dogs panic at very loud noises like thunder, fireworks and
  pumps, as their hearing system is much more sensitive than ours. Keep an eye on your pet  when there is a storm or during festive seasons and  celebrations. In situations like these, if  they are alone, they can try  flee for shelter, injure oneself  seriously or even die;
mistreating animal is
  crime!  If you witness or  know of a case of abuse,  go to the police station  next, make a newsletter  Occurrence and report it! Do not  omit, nor be an accomplice of  an act of cruelty!

Benefits between animals and man


There are countless benefits that a harmonious coexistence with animals can  provide. They even participate in therapeutic activities to help patients with some  type of illness or special health condition! Animal Assisted Therapy is used  in:

Rehabilitation of special children and those with learning difficulties;
Rehabilitation of war-fighting soldiers suffering from stress
Patients with Alzheimer's Disease;
Elderly in specialized clinics;
Patients admitted to Hospitals.

In addition, studies indicate that the presence of one or more animals in our lives
  promotes the improvement of the immune system, greater emotional stability and a decrease in the  of stress.
Animals are for us humans an immense source of learning: they develop
  our patience and tolerance, unconditional love, compassion, ability to express  feelings and emotions. Open our hearts so that we stop being so brutish  by the daily adversities and our attitudes  negative.

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