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Cheap is expensive!

Who has never made a wrong choice, believing they would save money, only to discover soon after that what seemed like a great deal turned into a source of headache and loss? Take advantage of sales and take clothes that don't fit (but that will be perfect after that miraculous diet), give up car insurance and knock on the way out of the dealership, buy vouchers from collective buying sites and miss the deadline to use them, save in the taxi and have the car towed away after being caught in a Prohibition blitz. Examples abound to show that what is cheap is sometimes expensive.

“Every purchase has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the consumer needs to reflect before choosing what to buy. In some situations, small savings can lead to large, unexpected budget leaks. This is what is popularly known as the pig economy”, says financial consultant Erasmo Vieira.

We can adapt this saying to the most diverse situations, but we will focus on buying a purebred puppy, which will be a companion for your family, with an average life of 10 years.

It is very difficult to determine the value of a puppy. First, because there is no money in the world that can buy the happiness of having a Golden Retriever and measuring the value of a living being is always very complicated. Second, prices for a puppy vary greatly from kennel to kennel. On average, you can expect to pay between R$2,500.00 and R$5,000.00 for a Golden Retriever puppy, run away from anything outside that margin!

Adapting the saying “misery brings misery”, we can conclude that quality brings quality. So knowing the parents of the puppy is FUNDAMENTAL to buy your puppy, because he will look like the parents, no matter how cute the puppies may seem, when it comes to genetics, characteristics are inherited from the parents / grandparents. Parents' health exams are also essential, for the same reason, after all you don't want to buy a puppy and have to spend up to triple its value on expensive vet bills, right? Not only for the amount spent, you don't want to spend you medicating and taking care of your puppy and still run the risk of the puppy not surviving, and just a Google search to see stories of people who buy a puppy and it dies in less than 15 days in the new house. So, demanding parental exams is important, but which exams?

For the golden retriever breed, parents need to be tested for: Hip dysplasia and elbows, leishmaniasis, brucellosis, ehrlichiosis, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, heartworm disease, and have a blood count every 2/4 months of the specimen, and for the puppy the same can only be done. be delivered within 60 days (NEVER before that) and with at least TWO imported vaccines already applied (v2 and v8/v10), in addition to having been dewormed. To have this information, the puppy needs to have a health card with all this information and mainly signed by a VETERINARY DOCTOR responsible for the kennel.

The breeder will provide you with a care manual and give you post-sale assistance, you will fill out a contract where you will have obligations and guarantees.

And have a beautiful, healthy puppy with the right temperament and everything you're looking for! So it's worth the investment, don't save money when it comes to the life of a pet, visit the kennel whenever possible, ask for references, take your doubts, analyze the contracts and acquire your pet from a suitable place. respect the value of a serious creation! People dedicate a lifetime to preserving and raising dogs to the best standards, so you can enjoy a wonderful experience!


But don't think that price is necessarily money. Don't be so small-minded. The price involves energy, it involves time, sometimes relationships, sometimes sleep, leisure... it's true! Sometimes it involves vigils, of course, sometimes it will involve money too; but it's not just money!


Adapted: Med. Vet Isabella Calli - 11/23/15



Golden Calli

Specializing in Golden Retrievers

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