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Blood donation

Dogs and cats may also need blood transfusions, material that is in short supply in veterinary clinics. 

In the east of São Paulo, the blood center Hemovet sells about 120 bags (with 450 ml) per month, but believes that it fails to meet about 60 requests from private clinics.

The BSVet, in Pompeii, cannot meet even half of the demand, according to veterinarian Rafael Galesco.

According to him, factors such as the size of the animal (which needs to be large), being healthy and calm and the resistance of some owners make it more difficult to stock up. The free blood draw takes about ten minutes.


The lack of blood bags is more problematic in smaller clinics. The veterinarian Fábio Bianchi, from Zoovet, in Vila Mariana, says that, in about half of the emergencies in which the transfusion is necessary, he cannot get blood for the procedure. 

In these cases, the owner of the animal himself tries with acquaintances a solution. "Sometimes the owner has a neighbor who helps by donating his dog's blood", he says.

However, there is a risk of blood incompatibility (10% of cases) and of the blood being contaminated by some parasite, especially from diseases transmitted by ticks, such as babesia. Blood from blood centers undergoes a series of tests.

The recommendation is, in case of an accident, to take the animal to a large hospital, which usually has stock due to the large number of visits.

A blood bag, which can be stored for 30 days, costs R$300.

Source:  (photos of our Logan donating Blood)



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