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Breeder x Dog

Having a pet nowadays is increasingly a common behavior of people, especially in big cities, where they have had less and less opportunity to socialize with the  nature, in  most of the time the chosen animal is a dog.

It is precisely at the time of purchase that many people make a serious mistake: looking for price, they do not always acquire a pet in a suitable place and end up taking home a big problem!

The justification is that because you are not looking for an animal for exhibition, it is not necessary to look for a renowned breeder. What a mistake!


The cynophile is a person who aims at the genetic improvement of the breed he creates, selecting the specimens that will reproduce, so that the inherent characteristics of his breed are increasingly typical in his dogs. their club of origin and which describes how a specimen should be. Such characteristics were selected so that the breed can successfully perform a certain function. Therefore, dacshunds (or cofap basset as they are known) are short, with short legs, mainly to hunt badgers in burrows, astonishment among several farmers in Germany.

Not only the physical or morphological characteristics were selected, but the temperament as well. After all, who would like to have a Labrador – a breed selected to collect the slaughtered game and bring it to the hunter, and that therefore, must be tame, because it works loose in the fields--that was violent?

The dog breeder selects these specimens and the perpetuation of the breed he creates depends on him and, therefore, he can guarantee the dog he created.

The dog breeder, on the other hand, is a type of breeder that is not concerned with the characteristics of the breed he creates, but with producing a large number of puppies in order to obtain an immediate financial return. , lack of pigmentation of the nose or nose, which should be black to avoid pathologies related to sensitivity to the sun, even so he uses this animal in reproduction, transmitting at least this genetic factor forward. 

When this animal gets sick at the hand of the future owner, carrying and demanding treatment for years, the dog will not be the least bit worried, because his objective was only to sell dogs and not good dogs.

Therefore, when buying a purebred dog, value the dog breeder, who channels his forces in the sense of producing good dogs and who does not exploit them, does not breed his bitches to exhaustion, etc...

Find out about good breeders at the Kennel Club in your city. After all, a dog lives around ten years. These can be years of great joy or many problems. You decide!

Marcelo Assad

Article published in the newspaper A TRIBUNA DE ITAIPAVA, IN OCTOBER 2003.

IT'S  It is also important to pay attention to the issue of health and animal welfare, the real breeder performs preventive health exams on each dog in his squad, only mates the dogs after the definitive exams, and respects each of his animals! The real breeder doesn't breed his female on every heat without a break, care about her and the puppies' well being, not the number of litters per year! He cares about the age of his females, and under no circumstances mates with old females!! 

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