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Nextel Creator

To CREATE with conscience, responsibility and LOVE, there is no way to do it remotely, it is necessary to LIVE with the dogs, be with them as long as possible, enjoy being with them, share the good and bad times with them, and not 1 x a week go visit them! the work of creation goes beyond the administrative scope (buying medicine, food), this can even be outsourced, but the work of creating (childbirths, accompanying a sick adult/puppy and giving him medicine, AMOR), of feeling the needs of his offspring, of the dogs that I have is an odd task, which cannot be delegated.

Caretakers and caretakers, people whom I have the greatest respect, by the way, unfortunately cannot understand the responsibility that a responsible BREEDER has to assume when creating a pure breed, the responsible breeder is decisive in the future of the breed, in the preservation of the typicality, and for the welfare of your dogs.

Just to illustrate, I will cite a recent case that occurred in the USA, after the popularization of DNA tests, it was discovered that many of the breeders registered litters, which actually had fathers and mothers different from those now registered in the pedigree, and in many cases the offspring now registered as the son of "A" and "B" was not even their son, but the son of who knows... maybe "C" with "X"...

Bad faith of the creator? I understand and I believe that many times it doesn't, but certainly negligence is irresponsible yes, because there is no way to believe that it is possible to create via "NEXTEL"..., a serious creation is always done under the eyes of the creator, consult the great creators of international race, see how many live in luxury apartments in big cities and have their kennel miles away? Every serious breeder follows the growth of the puppies on a daily basis, noticing changes both physical and temperament in them, and there is the question: How to do this creating the distance? Delegating these tasks to people who do not have the sense and responsibility to understand that purebred dogs are raised there and not chickens or pigs?

Many individuals claim to be “breeders” without ever having had a single birth, only going to the kennel on weekends, that is, 2 or 3 times a month, leaving EVERYTHING up to the employees.

Someone who ONLY PLAYS the role of "manager" of a kennel, selling puppies, buying feed, can be a
  -  CREATOR?????

Above I cited just one of the examples of the ills that creators who create by distance, which I nicknamed " NEXTEL BREEDER".

So, I think everyone already understood the end of the story..., whoever buys a puppy from a “NEXTEL” type kennel may be buying a cat in a hare, even the puppy said to be the son of a “cycrano”, a super champion dog of this and that can be son of the same, but of another, who in the carelessness (common) of the handler let the bitch “X” be found by the walkers of the kennel with the males “Y, “Z”... and sometimes the “W” ”... and the “X” as well..., without taking in contact with the trickery that may exist, there are kennels that only have litters of bitches and hyper males... super champion, there are dogs that even dead continue to fertilize bitches.

In conclusion:

To be a BREEDER you have to LOVE dogs... without LOVE AND DEDICATION nothing done... and I don't believe in those who say they love, and breed over the PHONE - be the one from NEXTEL, VIVO, TIM, of course... or which operator you prefer, this is impossible for me, both in the logical scope (of ideas) ... as in the practical, in the emotional so... I don't see the fun that it would be to create WITHOUT PARTICIPATING!

Does the "NEXTEL BREEDER" spend sleepless nights? Do you cry when a puppy dies? Get out of your elegant apartment at dawn!! to accompany a mother to a cesarean?, stop going to a party because a dog is sick?

BEING A BREEDER... is much more than many think, being a BREEDER and seeing the litter born (having this IMMENSE pleasure) of hearing the first cry, seeing the babies fill up in the first feeding...., cutting the babies' navel , pass povidine, put them to give the 1st feeding, sometimes teach them to breastfeed, offering the little finger for them to practice..., encourage the puppies to pee and poop when the mother is sedated from the anesthesia, suck a little nose at the time of childbirth if he is congested... THIS all with the GREATEST PLEASURE, this for those who LOVE TO CREATE... it's a pleasure.... an unparalleled PLEASURE!

"NEXTEL", 'VIVO", "TIM", "CLARO" are registered trademarks of radio and mobile telephony system, very useful and effective for many types of business, but certainly not the most correct/ethical for a responsible creator and committed to the preservation of a breed to manage its kennel.

  Roberto Rodrigues Junior - "BREEDER" of the Labrador Retriever breed.


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