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How to train your dog to pee in the right place

Many trainers advise that puppy toilet training be done with the help of a pen or crate. If you choose this method, arrange the material (fence or transport box) in advance. 

This type of training is ideal for establishing schedules for your puppy's needs and for conditioning him to relieve himself outside the home or in a place you determine.

To train him you will need to keep the puppy inside the pen or crate most of the time during the first few days. Take him every 3 hours to the place designated as his "bathroom" (newspaper, garden, backyard or laundry area). Wait until he pees and/or poops in this spot. Once he does, reward him with a treat, affection, and lots of praise. Take the opportunity to play with him for a few minutes (+ or – 5 minutes) once he relieves himself, and then take him back to the pen or box. Avoid letting him out for a long time so he doesn't pee out of place – this will delay training. Repeat this routine for the first 5 days. After that period, keep it loose for a little longer after it relieves itself (+ or - 10 minutes) and gradually increase this time as the days go by. You will see that soon he will have conditioned himself to use only the designated place as a bathroom.

There are also several other methods to teach your puppy to relieve itself in the right place. If the method proposed above fails, or if you prefer a different method, consult specialized dog training books or a professional dog trainer.

Heads up:
  Do not take your puppy out to the bathroom until he has completed the entire vaccination program. 

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