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The importance of pedigree 

Have you ever imagined yourself without an identity document? Your first document is the birth certificate, which contains the name of your parents, the date and time of your birth, the region where you were born.

For dogs, the Pedigree is a birth certificate, which contains the names of parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, in addition to the dog's personal data. Many people are unaware of the true need and also the true value that a Pedigree represents for a canine specimen.
The Pedigree is a document that aims to certify and guarantee that a particular dog belongs to a particular breed, that is, it attests and guarantees that the copy is of "PURE BREED", which is important for breeders to know the lineages where this dog comes from.
In the Pedigree of a canine specimen, we find a series of important information, such as:

* Name and surname of the canine specimen;
* Family tree up to the third generation;
* Birth date;
* Registration number of the purchased copy
* Titles that the ancestors (up to the third generation) have;
* Creator data
* Data from the Issuing Agency, etc.

In order to delve a little more into this “PEDIGREE” theme, we also have to mention the Creator, which in this case is represented by a “KNIL”.

Kennel is not just the place where you find several dogs, or even the place where dogs are accommodated.

A "KNIL" must have its registration issued by a Competent Body, which is the BRAZILIAN CONFEDERATION OF CINOPHILIA (CBKC) which in turn is affiliated with the FEDERAÇÃO CINOLOGICA INTERNACIONAL (FCI). In this way the "KENNIL" starts to represent the guarantee that the canine specimens that are part of your squad or still come from your work are of "PURE BREED", and consequently have PEDIGREE.

In Brazil, a large part of purebred dog owners have a duly registered kennel.

  It is of great importance to emphasize that to become a “BREEDER”, it is necessary to open a KENNEL, duly registered with the responsible bodies, as mentioned above. In possession of a kennel, the breeder will be able to issue, through eclectic clubs, or even specialized clubs, the Pedigree of the puppies that were born in his kennel, guaranteeing with this disease the origin and racial purity of the puppies.

Finally, the Pedigree is the only document that guarantees the qualities, origin and ownership of a canine specimen, and contrary to what many think, the Pedigree does not increase the value of a good specimen, since the cost to the breeder take it off is not high. Remember that good canine specimens from good kennels will always be more expensive than those sold at fairs, even because many of these specimens sold at fairs do not have a Pedigree, which in a way raises doubts about their origin.

The pedigree also includes the titles conquered by the dog's predecessors. Titles let you know that your dog breeder is interested in more than just breeding dogs – it lets you know if he is serious about the breed's development or just financially profiting from it. Seeing a few champions in a few generations of grandparents and great-grandparents doesn't say much about your dog's breeder, except that he hasn't been putting his youngest animals on display. Knowing that your pet's parents are champions increases your chances of acquiring a dog that, as an adult, will be a typical Westie, as appearance is certainly one of the reasons why you choose which breed to buy, right?

In addition to selecting dogs for appearance, shows also select dogs for behavior. Aggressive dogs have their pedigree “stamped” and are prevented from breeding. Temperament is a trait heavily influenced by genetics. Aggressive dogs are more likely to have temperamentally deviated puppies when compared to sociable dogs.

In fact, the pedigree is the only guarantee that your dog is
  same  of a certain race. Registered dogs are often a little more expensive than those without pedigrees, but the difference makes up for in peace of mind. A dog without pedigree is a dog without any guarantee as to origin, temperament or even a dog with some disability that made it impossible for the breeder to obtain its registration.

The pedigree will include the name of the dog, the kennel and all the dogs that genetically contributed to the formation of your puppy.


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